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about us

Chief Baker, Barbara Outten, spent more than 30 years baking decadent pastries, special occasion desserts, and elaborate wedding cakes for clients. Growing up, the kitchen was her playground. Impressed by Barbara's natural abilities as a baker, her parents allowed their daughter's creativity to flourish.


By 13, she confidently tested new recipes and her siblings were eager taste testers. As an adult, she became a successful banker and excelled in her corporate career. On weekends, she continued to fill cake orders and every Christmas, boxes and boxes of her signature fruit rum cakes made the holidays even sweeter for loyal clients.

In 2002, Barbara went from corporate to the kitchen as Barb's Bakery. In late 2012, the self taught baker, rebranded under the name, Bake Bahamas and began servicing clients throughout the Bahamas.

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In 2017, the company shifted gears again focusing exclusively on distributing flavored rum cakes to retail outlets in The Bahamas. The team set out to redefine the traditional rum cake, mixing the company's traditional Bahamian flavors with ingredients that continue to surprise and enhance the taste experience. 

Behind the experience, and part of the core team are Barbara's family. Her late husband and adult children believed in the potential of the brand and continued to fuel Barbara's passions to bake to perfection and ultimately have sweet island flavors savored by all wishing to go beyond taste... to gain an experience.

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